Stuck in the social net

lozano_diegoBy DIEGO LOZANO III

In this age of social media’s rising popularity and extreme usage, it’s easy to lose sight of everything and anything else that’s going on in our hectic world.

Too often, society promotes social databases that detract our focus and attention from what really matters during our existence on this planet.

Years ago, when MySpace was the Michael Jordan of social networks, there were abundant reports of online predators attacking the youth of our nation.

Now, social networks have manifested into a depressed hotline for individuals to pour their emotions through, gossip circles or into the always-entertaining shit-talking exhibitions.

Weren’t these social networks originally constructed for society to actually engage in social communication and relationships? Instead, most people devote their time to posting egocentric statuses and over-posed photos.

Of course, I’m not suggesting that every individual uses social media solely for self-promoting or attention, but when I scroll down my Facebook news feed, I can’t help but feel otherwise.

I mean, there is no crime in desiring a little acknowledgment from family and friends. However, when desire shifts into a technological addiction, there may be some cause for concern.

The urge to document your every move, location, attire or thought is unnecessary. Instead, reject being at the mercy of your laptop or cell phone, fishing for the slightest hint of attention. No pun intended.

There’s no easy way to get my point across without there being some level of hypocrisy on my behalf, as I possess multiple social network accounts.

What I find most beneficial in social networks, however, is the ability to connect to distant relatives, close acquaintances and everyone else along the way.

There is no internal motive driving me to notify the cyber realm of my every action throughout the course of a given day.

I find the most comfort in sharing my experiences and journeys as a young individual just going on with my life.

Society as a whole should value these same aspects of what social networks should be based on.

Unfortunately, at the rate at which social networks are growing, humanity may never break free from the attention trap we have fallen into.

Lozano is pretty much a professional Instagrammer and uses Facebook for family communication.

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