Golfer knows it’s never too late


Pima Community College golfer Josie Trapnell isn’t your average freshman. The 50-year-old Minnesota native has come a long way to get to where she is now.

Trapnell has been playing sports her entire life. In her earlier years she played rugby, softball, hockey and was on a traveling broomball team, which is a sport similar to hockey.

She and her broomball team traveled throughout Canada playing other teams. That was cut short when she needed hip surgery.

It wasn’t until her husband Joseph introduced her to the game of golf about seven years ago that she picked up the game, and she has been playing ever since.

When Trapnell found out that Pima was hurting for female golfers, she decided to enroll and join the team.

One might think that being so much older than her fellow teammates would be weird for Trapnell, but that’s not the case.

“I thought so at first,” she said. “The girls accepted me and made me feel really welcome.”

Trapnell is studying to get her coaching degree. She also volunteers at The First Tee, which is a youth-development organization that provides educational programs and seeks to promote healthy lifestyle choices through the game of golf.

“I want to coach youth,” she said. “I want to help in the progress of all kids to become better golfers.”

The student, wife and mother of 11-year-old twins also runs her own business, JT Architectural Sales, with her husband. The company sells commercial supplies for businesses, such as bathroom hand dryers.

Even while juggling all these responsibilities, she still finds time to get to the driving range for practice.

She has many goals that she wants to accomplish before her golfing days are done — from being the best mother she can be to helping her husband run a successful business, along with helping Arizona’s youth become better golfers and also becoming the best golfer she can be.

“I want to get better,” she said, “to get more comfortable in tournaments.”

So far she has finished second overall in her first two tournaments as an Aztec. It seems clear that when this woman puts her mind to something, there is nothing that can get in her way.

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