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wPg12-Springbreak Spring Break is definitely the favorite vacation of the year for many students. Most don’t worry about spending the break with their family. It’s all about friends and having a good time.

People have different tastes and want to spend their break differently. We put together some hot spots and also an exotic option to inspire those who still don’t know what they are going to do.

Just remember to party safely. We still have the rest of the semester to complete after this awesome little taste of vacation.

  • 1.     Cancun, the hot spot!

Cancun, Mexico, being the hot spot for Spring Break, is always packed. If you want to party hard and enjoy a beautiful beach, that’s the place to go. Many travel companies offer good deals on student packages, such as Student City, Sta Travel and STS Travel.

  • 2.     Southern Texas, hot and fresh!

The resort town of South Padre Island, Texas, has been recognized as a wild and amazing spot for Spring Break. The beach is beautiful, and the weather is good. Considering student travel companies have only been investing in packages to this destination for six years, it’s still considered new, hot and fresh. Student City and Student Breaks carries discounted packages.

  • 3.     What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!

Las Vegas, the famous Sin City, is well known for gambling, shopping, entertainment and fine dining. Good all year long, Vegas takes third place because there is no leaving once you get there. Student City offers a student package.

  • 4.     Viva Los Cabos!

Do you want to party? Drink? Get tan? Eat great Mexican food? Mexico’s Cabo San Lucas offers all of that and more. The beach is amazing and the weather is awesome. If you are looking to relax and read a book, this is not the place for you. The best packages for Cabo are the ones from Student City, Cabo Villas and STS travel.

  • 5.     Party like the Dominicans!

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, offers beach parties, nice clubs, funny contests and plenty of beautiful people. In Punta Cana, you can find world-recognized DJs and saucy Latin music. People say that to go to Punta you have to be prepared, because the noise level is insane! Student packages are offered by Student City, Sun Splash Tours and STS Travel.

  • 6.     Nothing like the Bahamas!

Nassau, Bahamas, has a beautiful, crystal-clear sea. With comfortable, tropical resorts and hotels, Nassau has lots to offer. You can enjoy a drink on the beach during the day and party in the clubs at night. Other activities, which are relaxing in comparison, include jet skiing, scuba diving and kayaking. If you want to both relax and party, Nassau is the place. Student City offers good packages with cool activities.

  • 7.     Nearby Golden Coast!

San Diego, Calif., is a close, beautiful place to go. Since we live just a few hours away, we can go by car or flight. This is a good option for those who are tight on money or who have a big group of friends looking for an economical but fun place to go. During the day you can enjoy the beach and learn how to surf. You can also go to the Balboa Park, which has a lot of activities like the world-famous zoo and a 3D/4D theater. The night scene in San Diego is fun, with lots of clubs. Find hotels and flight options at Expedia, Kayak or Orbitz.

  • 8.     Party like a rock star in the desert!

For those who haven’t gone to Lake Havasu in Arizona’s Mohave County, believe that it can be very fun! The boat parties are famous, and the warm temperature is inviting. The nightlife is busy and young people love the spring break experience there. Since it’s close, five hours by car, it is an economical choice. Find more information at

  • 9.     Rastaman vibration, yeah!

Negril, Jamaica, is a white-sand beach city located on the west side of Jamaica that has a constant warm climate year-round. Students on Spring Break fuel it every year. It has a dynamic nightlife, with clubs playing music from reggae to techno. Find economical student packages at Sun Splash Tours, Student City and STS Travel.

10. A place lost in time!

Burma/Myanmar? Spring Break? Yes. For those who like new places and if money is not a problem, meet this exotic international spot. Burma has been investing in tourism recently, so the country is more receptive and has a better structure to receive tourists. In the main cities and surrounding countryside, you can visit beautiful places such as Shwedagon Paya in Yangon, Ngapali Beach in Rakhaing state, Ayeyarwady River in central Burma and Bagan in the Mandalay region. You can find good packages at Myanmar Traveler.



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