FOOTBALL: Aztecs packing on muscle year-round


wPg16-SprintLong gone are the days when football players could do weight and speed training strictly during the season and expect to compete with their peers.

It’s a year-round proposition for teams these days, and the Pima Community College football program is no different. The squad is always readying itself for the challenges that come on fall Saturdays.

“It’s not possible to compete with anybody if you just work four months a year,” head coach Pat Nugent said.

“We get beat up on a regular basis. If your body’s not strong enough and physical enough, you’re going to run into some serious problems.”

Building up the necessary strength and speed to do battle with other college players requires time and dedication.

“We go about 11 months a year; that’s the reality,” Nugent said. “The speed development, the strength training and the conditioning aspect of athletics are what it’s all about these days.

“The bottom line is you have to be prepared, because you’re fighting for a job from day one.”


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