Let’s get gun access under control


After years of shootings, I can’t believe some have the audacity to stick to their guns, no pun intended.

Two years ago, U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords of Tucson was shot. Fortunately, she lived.

Then, when the long-anticipated Batman movie premiered, another shooting took place. We started 2013 with the most tragic of shootings, which took place in an elementary school.

What do these shootings have in common? Sick bastards with itchy trigger fingers, trigger fingers fueled by America’s obsession with guns.

This isn’t 1777; we don’t have to worry about the Redcoats marching in. These aren’t the days of Davy Crockett and the wild frontier, nor are we living in the days where outlaws roamed the Wild West.

Why do we need assault rifles and extended clips? Do we not have enough cops in the state of Arizona patrolling the streets?

When have we heard a story of a gun-toting hero gunning down an armed lunatic planning on shooting up a shopping mall? We haven’t!

Why? Is it not people that kill people, not guns? We are making it too easy for those guns that don’t kill people to get into the hands of people that DO kill people.

Keep your rifles. Have fun wasting your time, waiting at the gates for the enemy that will never come. Stroke your trigger-happy ego while the rational members of society respond to the recent violence by attempting to curb violence.

Really, it’s only the innocent who die while the mad gun man lives off our tax dollars, going through our broken justice system.

People, wake up! Is the right to bear arms more important than the right for a child to live a full life?

Clearly, I don’t think so. I care about people, so I don’t own guns, mostly because I don’t have the urge to kill something.

Consider this: Jared Loughner, the local nut job who shot Giffords, bought his gun legally.

How many other psychopaths out there have we enabled to carry tools that kill.

It’s time we wake up and react to these events, grow up and take action to prevent more massacres. We can start by keeping guns off the streets and leaving them in the hands of more qualified people, like military and police.


Richardson used weapons when he served in the U.S. Navy. He doesn’t own guns because the country has destroyers and Navy SEALS for protection.

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