FROM THE EDITOR: We’re not sorry for the election overkill


We know. The last year has been packed with political coverage, and you’re sick of it.

Election Day has come and gone, and yet the president is still on the homepage of every news website based in this country.

The Aztec Press did several news spreads, from covering topics such as propositions and candidates for Pima Community College’s governing board to reviewing the results from election night.

We’ve had writers express their passion for political involvement, debate the impact voting makes on our culture and voice their distaste for the electoral college.

We’re not done yet.

In this Fall 2012 issue 7 of the Aztec Press, you’ll find a profile on PCC’s newly elected governing board member Sylvia Lee (Page 1) and an opinion column about why political dialogue in the United States needs to change (Page 5).

Elections offer citizens an opportunity to voice an opinion about what’s going on where they live.

After nearly two years of negative headlines about Pima Community College, the college’s governing board had its first contested election in years, with one new member selected.

Ron Barber and Martha McSally’s fight for U.S. Congressional District 2 continued for two weeks after Election Day. McSally conceded Nov. 17, after ballot counts showed Barber with 50.15 percent of the vote.

The country re-elected President Barack Obama by an electoral landslide despite polls suggesting a tight race.

Elections say a lot about the temperature of our nation and the issues that matter to the people.

That reading isn’t accurate if voters only know about items they bubble in and make guesses on everything else.

So, read up. Your education for the next election cycle starts now.

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