This girl just wants to have fun … and win


Pima Community College volleyball player Kami Humphrey wasn’t sure about continuing her volleyball career after high school. But when she decided she would, she came to PCC.

Humphrey has been playing volleyball since she was in the sixth grade, and joined club volleyball during her senior year in high school.

“Volleyball is really fun and I am a competitive, so I love the competition and the joy of winning,” she said.

Humphrey is constantly improving her skills and continually learning new things when it comes to the sport.

“There are always things that get in my way and with lots of practice and hard work I learn to overcome it.”

She earned the ACCAC Region 1 Player of the Week award earlier this year, the highest accolades she’s won so far in her career.

She really loves playing with her younger sister Kalyn Humphrey. The two share a special bond on the court.

“It is different playing with a sibling because I can look over and know what she is feeling or what she is about to do,” Humphrey said.

“We have a different connection while playing and it makes the game more interesting.”

Humphrey’s signature move is “dumping,” or hitting the ball over the net on second contact. She also leads the conference with 70 kills, with the next closest player at 29.

She plans on continuing her volleyball career anywhere she receives a scholarship.

Humphrey is also on the track squad, competing in both the long and triple jumps. She says she wouldn’t mind receiving a scholarship in that sport, either.

This coming track and field season, Humphrey will also attempt the heptathlon.

“I feel pretty good about the (volleyball) season, because we were nowhere near this good last year,” she said. “I’m pretty happy with how the season is going.

“I think we just have to push ourselves in the games because we have been kind of slacking the last couple of practices.”

Humphrey brings lots of energy to the court and is very vocal. She likes to keep her teammates motivated, and loves to see them play to their full potential.

“I’m excited for the rest of the season,” she said. “I know this team can go far. We just have to keep working hard.”


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