THINGS I DON’T GIVE A S&*! ABOUT: Here’s the truth: Voting doesn’t matter


I find it extremely hard to get jazzed about politics. I honestly couldn’t care less about what happens during an election.

Granted, the election affects us, but I still have a hard time getting into it.

I just don’t care. To me, politicians are nothing but a bunch of liars. They tell the public whatever it wants to hear just so they can get elected.

They make all kinds of promises about how they will improve our lives. As soon as they are in office, they forget all the promises they made.

Politicians only remember the favors they owe to people or companies that contribute absurd amounts of money to their campaigns.

The only time I care about what politicians have to say is when they say something stupid and look like idiots. Then it’s fun to watch.

That’s not the only thing that irritates me about politics. I also get tired of seeing all of the dumb-ass signs that politicians stick around town.

People don’t vote for a candidate just because there are thousands of signs with either the candidate’s face or name on it.

It makes me want to knock the signs over or rip them up, but I refrain because it is against the law to do so.

Yeah, people need to know your name — but not that much, you moron.

Another part of the election process that irks me is the Electoral College system for presidential elections.

They always tell you that every vote counts. However, that isn’t true with the electoral vote system.

For example, the state of Arizona always goes to the Republican side. All of the state’s electoral votes go to the Republican candidate.

Now, there are states out there that do the opposite, but it still makes it seem like there is no point to voting. It doesn’t matter since the state always goes to the same party every four years.

There is no point of politics that I can get excited about because I don’t trust any part of it.

Our electoral system was a great idea in the beginning, but quickly became nothing more than a money race. Each party brings forth the best liar it can offer every four years.

The only way things will change is when we as a society decide to go against the grain and make a change for ourselves.

I know that will never happen, because people like to go with the flow and have a hard time dealing with change. So I’ll just stick to my guns and continue to not give a shit.


One thought on “THINGS I DON’T GIVE A S&*! ABOUT: Here’s the truth: Voting doesn’t matter”

  1. Contrary to the author’s position, voting does matter. The majority of Americans are politically moderate and support politicians who are willing to compromise and across party lines. Only about 1/3 of Americans support extremists. Less than half of all Americans typically vote during non-presidential elections, especially primaries, while almost 100% of extremists vote. That means the 1/3 of extremists in the general population becomes 2/3 of the people who actually vote. If everyone voted, the extremists would never have enough votes, at least not until Americans become apathetic again. As Plato said “The penalty good men pay for indifference to public affairs, is to be ruled by evil men”

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