Lights out for ‘Wait Until Dark’


Hope you’re not afraid of the dark.


 The Pima Community College theater department will present the thriller “Wait Until Dark” Nov. 8-18 at the West Campus Center for the Arts Black Box Theatre.

“I hope the audience has a fun time,” director Frank Pickard said. “I hope they gasp a few times, and maybe scream.”

In the script by Frederick Knott, a blind woman unknowingly receives a doll filled with heroin. She becomes the target of a sinister, psychotic killer and two ex-convicts.

The character’s dilemma, and her courage in the face of danger, makes the role a stage classic.

“When faced with adversity, people very often find within themselves strength that they didn’t know they possessed,” Pickard said.

The intimate Black Box Theatre will put the audience inches from the action as suspenseful scenes move swiftly toward a terrifying finish.

Pickard has updated some aspects of the original 1966 Broadway production, such as casting a female as the lead con.

The production remains every bit as terrifying, Pickard adds, and is not appropriate for young children.

Set designer Todd Poelstra’s intricate three-room set uses hazy lighting for a film-noir effect. Shafts of light piercing the darkness emphasize a contrasting study of blind and sighted.

Edgy music and sound effects will heighten the feeling of dread.

Performances will be Thursdays through Saturdays at 7:30 p.m. and Sundays at 2 p.m.

Tickets cost $15, with discounts available. Box office hours are Tuesday through Friday, noon-5 p.m. and one hour before performances.

For further information, call 206-6986 or visit


“Wait Until Dark”

When: Nov. 8-18

Where: Black Box Theatre, West Campus CFA

Tickets: $15

Box office: 206-6986

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