Holiday hiring begins


 College students hoping to earn some extra money and work experience are in luck, as seasonal hiring for the holidays has begun.

The holiday season brings a huge increase in consumer activity, and with it comes a need for willing workers.

In anticipation of a higher number of customers, retailers hire extra people for holiday business.

It’s a win-win: Retailers get the help they need for the business boom, and the seasonal employees gain experience and references that may help them find permanent employment later on.

Employees can expect flexible schedules and a good amount of hours during the two-month holiday shopping boom.

And there’s always a chance of seasonal employment leading to a year-round job or lifetime career.

Locally, retailers like Kohl’s, RadioShack, Best Buy, Target, Walmart and GameStop are looking for seasonal employees starting now.

According to a manager at a local Kohl’s who didn’t want her name to be used, the store is looking for a minimum of 50 seasonal employees this season to help out in different areas.

J. C. Penney Co. is also going to extensively utilize seasonal hiring this winter.

“They can either apply online or in our stores,” said Kate Coultas, a J. C. Penney spokesperson.

Coultas added that seasonal employees aren’t limited to one section of the store.

“They can be really anything around the store,” Coultas said.

Those working during the holiday rush this year will not benefit from the recently announced increase of the minimum wage, which will be going into effect at the beginning of 2013.

The increase will bring workers an additional $0.15 per hour, raising minimum wage to $7.80 per hour.

Of course, there is one more perk of seasonal employment — employee discounts for holiday shopping.

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