E-dating is such a waste


It has come to my attention that a very large number of my friends have online dating profiles.

After a previous breakup, I dabbled in different ways to meet people, and came across way too many friends on dating websites. It was hard not to judge.

Online-based relationships are not real or valid. I liken them to imitation crabmeat. It has the slightest hint of crab taste, but lacks the richness of the real thing.

When I recently became single again fairly abruptly, I freaked out a bit and acted in ways I normally wouldn’t.

For about two seconds, I thought maybe an online dating site wasn’t a terrible way to go. I realized pretty quickly how mistaken I was.

My friends tell countless stories about failed attempts and awful first dates: crazy people, needy people, overly religious people and constant disappointment.

Sure, there are success stories as well, but those aren’t the majority of experiences people have on OkCupid and Match.com.

Even if you meet a cool person who likes you, a computer or text message can’t determine chemistry (or whether he is actually a middle-aged man living in his mother’s basement).

Part of the appeal of online dating is that it makes meeting people seem so much easier. The pool becomes larger when all of these potential dates get consolidated into one big, virtual space.

A better way to expand that pool is to go out and do things. New surroundings lead to new people — new people you could potentially take an interest in, and possibly connect with.

And with experience comes more perspective, which helps you feel like you don’t have to resort to online dating.

Go find real people to interact with in the real world, not through e-flirts and winky faces. Find a real person to date.

Jennings, a journalism senior, likes to look at cat pictures on the Internet, not potential mates.

3 thoughts on “E-dating is such a waste

  1. Hi Miki,

    I’m sorry you didn’t have a good experience with online dating. However, I would like to challenge you to give it another try at some point in the future. You mentioned you were abruptly out of a relationship when you started online dating…perhaps it was a case of bad timing?

    I met the love of my life online, and now help people write customized online dating profiles. I have seen so many amazing matches made online that I hate to see you write off online dating altogether.

    I completely agree with you that it is impossible to feel chemistry through an email–you may think you like someone, but you have to meet in person to figure out chemistry. And online dating is a great way to meet those new people. Online dating is a numbers game, and yes, there are going to be many “failures”. But it just takes one success to make it worth the journey!

  2. Hey Jennings, nice article and I wholly agree. Even though I actually own a dating site, I’ve been on enough myself to know what a waste they actually are. Not one of my relationships that came from a dating site actually worked out – not one in 15 years. But the relationships I’ve had with people I met in real life lasted much longer.

    I think it’s all scams and so I wrote about it. I also linked to your article from my post cause your post added credence to what I was saying. Thank you!

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