Dare to be stupid



Every now and then, I think back to my days in high school and wonder if I was as stupid as high school students are today.

I would like to say no, but honestly, thinking back, yeah, – I was probably just as dumb, if not dumber.

If I wasn’t punishing myself for being me, I was out doing backyard wrestling or seeing if I could jump out of a trampoline enclosure. (I sort of did – my foot caught the top and I landed on my back on the ground.)

Now that I’m older and sore, I tend to look back at some of those times with fond memories and wish to give it another try.

It got me to thinking that we as a people should find ways to be stupid and have a little fun, and not be so uptight all the time.

Yes, we face numerous issues that are major concerns: poverty, murders, the presidential election.

However, we should take a timeout and just do some goofy things.

For instance, one day while I was at Six Flags Magic Mountain with some friends, we decided against taking pictures with the characters around the park. Instead, we decided to get our pictures taken with random people.

Obviously there were some people who weren’t on board with the idea, but I was shocked at how many were actually willing to take a picture with a stranger.

We took photos with people’s families and friends. We captured images with couples, employees and people relaxing on benches by themselves.

It was lots of fun just to see their reactions to our picture proposal. It was fun when they were excited about it and acted like they knew us for the photo.

Granted, that is not an extremely stupid idea. The one at Six Flags where I rolled all the way down a giant hill next to the Superman ride was pretty stupid. If you’ve been there, you know what I’m talking about.

My suggestion of being stupid doesn’t mean doing something that can be life-threatening. It just means to do something out of the ordinary, something outside your comfort zone.

For me, going up to random strangers and asking to get a photo with them was hard, because I’m not a people person. But I’m really glad I did it.

Get out and have fun. Throw caution to the wind, and do something out of the ordinary.

Erickson does not condone any illegal activity and will not be held accountable for any damage to property or person due to his views expressed and outlined in the document above. Thank you.

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