ATHLETIC VOICE: Fanatic yes, violent no


Just because sports can be violent at times, doesn’t mean that fans need to be.

On Oct. 14, a man was stabbed just outside of San Francisco’s Candlestick Park on his way to watch the 49ers take on the New York Giants.

All of the people involved were 49er fans. They apparently got into an argument and had to solve their problem with violence.

This not the first occurrence of violence around a sports stadium in California. On March 31 in Los Angeles, a San Francisco Giants fan was attacked by Dodger fans outside of Dodger Stadium.

The man remained in a coma for several weeks and needed emergency surgery to release fluids in his head that had caused a seizure.

Now, California is not the only place where fans have attacked each other. Philadelphia, for example, has some of the most ridiculous fans in the whole country.

It is an insult to any sport when these types of people call themselves fans. They are assholes and have no respect for anything, including the game.

We all know that sports fans can take their teams really seriously. I’m no exception. As a die-hard Minnesota Twins fan, I have extreme disdain for the Chicago White Sox and their fans.

Now, having said that, I don’t wish any harm to White Sox fans or players (except maybe A.J. Pierzynski), nor would I try to hurt them, no matter how badly we disagree.

I understand rooting for your team and supporting them through just about any means. Even some trash talk can be acceptable.

However, it is getting to the point where sporting venues may have to stop serving alcohol. People get inebriated and then are also pumped up by the game itself. They become excited by a victory and want to taunt fans on the losing side, or seek revenge after a devastating loss.

So that may be an answer. However, it is not one I want, as I do enjoy having some drinks while watching a game.

Another option would be for stadiums to increase security. It would need to include metal detectors and more security guards.

Since neither option will happen anytime soon, we will have to continue putting up with people assaulting each other around sports parks.


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