Review: Reilly Craft Pizza and Drink


A new artisan pizza place is now up and running in downtown Tucson. Reilly Craft Pizza and Drink opened this summer, serving specialty food and fancy drinks.

The space was originally the Reilly Funeral Home, but the stylish decor fights off any creepy vibe. I wasn’t worried about what else had been in the ovens. Instead I admired the atmosphere and food.

Though on the pricier side, the restaurant offers quality food and a caring staff. The wait staff was courteous and very attentive, checking on us frequently and eagerly answering questions about the menu.

To start the dinner, I ordered a beautifully plated crostini with lemon-scented goat cheese and asparagus for $6. I sipped an $8 Gentleman’s G&T cocktail along with it, while my date enjoyed a happy hour special Dead Man Rogue for $4.

My cocktail was an elegantly sweet blend of gin, berry preserves, pepper, mint and ginger beer. Its refreshing sweetness balanced out the tartness of the goat cheese and the salt in our main course, a margherita pizza.

For $11, we got a small pizza that was a little more than enough for two people. The cheese was subtle but tasty, and the crust was lightly and deliciously charred. My complaints: The sauce was noticeably salty and the pizza was small for the price.

After finishing our slices and drinks, we ordered dessert. Reilly’s menu has four choices, including a chocolate polenta souffle. The cake was a rich, warm, moist chocolate lava cake served with salted caramel gelato and sprinkled with caramel popcorn.

I initially worried the caramel corn would cheapen the dessert, but it actually accented it perfectly. The gelato tasted good, but I was disappointed to learn that it was a store-bought gelato brand, Talenti.

The entire meal, with an appetizer plate, pizza, two drinks and one dessert shared between two people ran just under $40.

Overall, the experience was enjoyable, but not very college budget-friendly.

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