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Social media serves many purposes, but one aspect really makes it work: convenience.


Social media allows people to gather everything they’re interested in — album announcements, status updates from former classmates, teasers for upcoming episodes of television shows — and stack them together.


It’s time to add Aztec Press into the mix.


There are some obvious limitations to our print publication: News doesn’t follow a biweekly deadline, there’s no quick way for readers to contact us and people have to remember to pick up the newest issue every other week.


Connecting with us online solves all of those problems.


We post reminders about events from our calendar, ask for input on big stories, let you know what’s coming out of the newsroom in the next issue and keep you up to date on breaking news in our area.


We’re a little short-staffed this semester. Typically, one lucky Aztec Press editor is charged with the duty of being the liaison between the paper and the readers. Now, all the section editors have taken on the duty of talking to you guys on the Web.


So “like” us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter @AztecPress and @AztecSports and don’t forget to join the conversation and comment on stories at


If you’re interested in the people behind the paper and more on-the-scene tidbits from our staff, follow us on Twitter.


There’s News Editor @EricKlump, Opinion Editor @MyloErikson A&E Editor @MikiJennings, Sports Editor @SteveChoiceAZ, Photo Editor @lgaurano and senior reporters @AprillAGeorge and @celesteorendain. I’m @ChChChelo.


We’re all rather nerdy and eager to add a little newsroom flavor to your newsfeed.

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