The Word: How do you stay focused during class?

Pg 3 The Word, w/ five photos


West Campus interviews by Clynisha Stevens, photos by Larry Gaurano


THE WORD: How do you stay focused during a long class?


(male student with black hair)

“I paid for the class, so I’m obligated to stay focused. If the teacher is good looking, it’s easy to stay focused.”

Daniel Aguayo

Major: Film/television


(Female student with blonde hair)

“Typically, I write down my notes and make them into drawings.”

Kali Cowden

Dual major: Psychology, Studio Art


(female student with brunette hair)

“I read ahead and take more extensive notes. I write down everything the teacher says.”

Kendra Howell

Major: Dance


(male student with shorter hair)

“I sit up front, come on time, listen, pay attention and take notes.”

Kaileb Dickey

Training: Firefighting


(Female student with black hair)

“I eat breakfast, drink water, stay looking at the professor and try to stay awake.”

Brandi Lucero

Major: Business

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