THE WORD: What are your plans for summer break?

Interviews conducted on West Campus by Amy Zambrano

“Probably just work and try to go to Yuma to visit friends. It’s been awhile, so I probably need to go back there.”

Stephanie Edwards

General Studies


“I’m going to Yucca Valley, Calif., to visit friends and North Hollywood to visit my grandpa. I want to go to the wax museum in Hollywood.”

Heather Davis

Liberal Arts

“I’m going to travel to Europe. My mom lives there and it’s not the first time I’ve visited. I’m going to Holland and Spain.”

Johny Vargas


“I’m going to practice guitar and record a CD in a studio. I’m recording classical and Spanish classical music.”

Paul Oman


“I’m going to be doing community service, since I can’t afford to go to summer school. I have to do something, not just sit around the house.”

Malakai Silvas


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