TOP 10: Upcoming concerts


My friends living outside the United States always tell me I’m lucky to live in Tucson because all the good artists come to town… or near town.

This Top 10 list is about upcoming shows. They’re mainly in Phoenix because most big artists go to the big venues, which is sad.

Well, at least it’s only a two-hour-drive to see that show you have been excited for. Here’s the list:

1. Van Halen, July 16 – US Airways Center, Phoenix.
After the few gigs played around 2007, Van Halen is back on tour with its legendary first vocalist David Lee Roth. The band introduced its new album, “A Different Kind of Truth,” this year and has received good feedback from both critics and fans. A must-see for Van Halen fans.

2. Roger Waters, May 15 – US Airways Center, Phoenix.
The ex-Pink Floyd genius [or some descriptive word] comes to Phoenix with his tour The Wall Live, which started in 2010. Most of the times in this tour, Waters performs Pink Floyd’s classic album “The Wall” in its entirety. After being in South America, the artist returns to the United States to provide shows all over the States for a second leg.

3. Noel Gallagher, April 18 – Orpheum Theater, Phoenix.
The vocalist/guitarist of Oasis is coming to Arizona to delight his fans with hits like “Little by Little” and “Wonder Wall.” Certainly a no-miss for Oasis and rock fans anywhere in Arizona.

4. Eddie Vedder, April 13 – Comerica Teathre, Phoenix.
Pearl Jam’s singer will also play music in this unbelievable chain of concerts that will be hosted mainly in Phoenix.

5. Iron Maiden, Aug. 6 – Ashley Furniture Homestore Pavilion, Phoenix.
Here’s one for the metal heads, England’s one and only Iron Maiden. It seems that band members never run out of fuel, having tours almost every year without losing any bits of excellence and perfection in their performance.

6. Neil Diamond, Aug. 29 – US Airways Center, Phoenix.
There are artists that who are close to find themselves in a farewell tour. I had the privilege to see Sir Paul McCartney live, and I imagine the regret I would have had if I didn’t go. For artists as big as Sir Paul or Neil Diamond, there is no excuse to miss if they’re close. Who knows if it’s your last chance?

7. The Tour: Kiss and Mötley Crüe, Aug. 10 – Ashley Furniture Homestore Pavilion, Phoenix.
It doesn’t matter if you are fan of only one… they will be playing together! Kiss and Mötley Crüe will deliver that dose of heavy rock your veins need, and all the pyros you can get for a new year’s show… believe me.

8. Bon Iver, April 23 – Tucson Arena, Tucson.
Finally someone is playing in good ole’ Tucson. Bon Iver will remind us that our city is still on the map by playing at the Tucson Arena. If you are a big fan of Iver, lucky you… you saved two hours worth of gas.

9. Smokey Robinson, May 27 – Talking Stick Resort, Scottsdale.
All the soul of Smokey Robinson, just north of Phoenix. Be sure not to miss him. I have a friend who went to one of his shows and told me he was outstanding live. He knows what he’s saying.

10. Madonna, Oct. 16 – US Airways Center, Phoenix.
The queen of pop will be playing to promote her brand-new-album “MDNA.” After an eye-delightful-show at this year’s Super Bowl Halftime Show, expect to see more of that huge preparation and quality but near your town.

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