THE WORD: How should people help the environment?

Interviews and photos by Aimee Ziegler

“I think people should recycle, because it’s productive. People should also support businesses that ‘go green,’ because it’s benefiting ourselves.”

Shantae Watkins

Social Work

Downtown Campus

“People should take public transportation or buy hybrid cars. They should also recycle.”

Amanda Antone

Computer Engineering

Downtown Campus

“People should walk whenever they can. Not only does it help the environment but it also benefits your health.”

Hriana Gallegos


Downtown Campus

“I think recycling is a huge thing. It is very important. People should also turn the lights off when they are not in the room and maybe even go out of their way to pick up trash.”

Nick Scott


Downtown Campus

“Take public transportation, because you’ll save money on gas.”

Alicia Canchola

Liberal Arts

Downtown Campus



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