Guns to stay off campus


A proposed bill that would have allowed concealed weapons permit holders to carry guns on Arizona college campuses has officially been killed.

State Sen. Ron Gould, R-Lake Havasu City, proposed SB 1474 with the hopes that it would help deter criminals from entering college campuses and keep law-abiding students safer.

However, the state’s colleges didn’t agree.

Pima Community College spokesman C.J. Karamargin said that PCC has opposed the bill since the beginning, and was pleased to hear the bill had died.

“It’s nice to have good news come out of the capital for once,” Karamargin said.

Gould thinks the colleges were hoping media coverage would keep the bill at bay.

“There were some legislators that were feeling weak-kneed about it,” Gould said. “The universities were putting a full-court press on them because they knew if I could get the bill up to the governor, the governor would probably sign it.”

Even after proposing that gun lockers could be installed to keep guns out of classrooms, the Board of Regents shot down the bill, saying that the lockers would be too expensive to install.

Gould is convinced that, regardless of what the Board of Regents publicly states, the real reason SB 1474 failed is because “liberals run the university system” and “they don’t like guns.”

However, SB 1474 has been largely unpopular among students as well, with many of them stating concerns about safety.

“Allowing guns on campus is a hindrance to the progression of education,” former Pima Community College student Sean Mott said.

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