FROM THE EDITORS: Take time to volunteer


 In Issue 2, this column detailed the ridiculously busy lives of the newspaper student editors.

Attending classes, doing homework, covering events and watching over the newspaper consume large portions of our time.

Some nights, those duties alone have me collapsing into bed the moment I get home. But every few weeks I grab a cup of coffee and take on one more task: volunteering with the American Cancer Society.


I was suckered into helping some friends prepare for an ACS event when I was a junior in high school.

Don’t get me wrong — ACS is a wonderful organization. They give money to scientists looking for a cure, lobby for cancer-friendly legislation and host lots of programs to help people with cancer.

I knew all of that going in, but it didn’t mean much. In my mind, all of those services fell into the “nonprofit organization duties” file.

Going to the event was different. There’s something unique about being in an environment where everyone is excited about trying to make life better.

So far, I haven’t really found a way to portray what it is like to be part of a group like that. It’s inspiring in a way that I can’t really liken to anything else.

The downside, of course, is that I’m constantly hearing about people being diagnosed with cancer. It’s sad, and it makes me panic about things like freckles and headaches. However, I feel better knowing that I’m there to do something about it.

The American Cancer Society kind of picked me, but I’m happy to be there now.

There are Relay for Life events coming up all over Tucson. You should head over to, enter your zip code, and see which one is closest to you.

I’ll be volunteering at the Oro Valley event on April 28. Stop by that relay or one of the others, to see for yourself what the organization is really about.

If it’s not for you, I’m sure there’s another nonprofit in the area that could use your help.

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