From the Archives: Soccer stadium almost built


During the 1996 season when the Lady Aztec soccer team was running wild on the competition, 8-0 at the time, there were talks of building a stadium at West Campus. It would have been a 5,000 seat multi-sport stadium with all the bells and whistles.
Furnished with broadcast-television lighting, restrooms, a practice field and locker rooms.
The powers that be were expecting an influx of fans to come along with building of this stadium, so they planned on making a 1,000 space parking lot on the north side that would have instant access to the stadium.
Location of said stadium would have been where the track and field area is located. The stadium was never built, but no one currently at the college seems to know why.
As of Oct. 16, 1996 the facility committee was in the petitioning stage.
It was in negotiations with United States Soccer Foundation Federation for an estimated $4-$5 million in grant monies to begin the project.
There were other organizations that were interested in the project, so they assisted in the petitioning process.
Establishments with interest were the Tucson Amigos, a United States Independent Soccer League team, no longer in existence.
Also Michael Brewer, the executive director of the Pima County Sports Authority, supported the petition.
“We can’t think of a place than Pima Community College,” Brewer said in an interview in ‘96 about where to locate the new facility.
Pima looked to this project as a potential to support the school and the community.
It was hoped that stadium would be a place to host public support events, sports tournaments and events of all levels.
Also the possibility of hosting school, independent and community sponsored events.
“This project will be beneficial to all of Southern Arizona in hosting the 14,200 registered participants that no longer have a field to call their home because of new restrictions concerning use of fields during the summer months,” Brewer said.
In the Dec. 11, 1996 issue of the Aztec Press the petition was still pending, the decision was in the hands of The United States World Cup Soccer Federation Association.
Pima was hoping for a reply to be in the late part of spring of 1997.

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