Fashion student wins first place


Pima Community College West Campus fashion design student Rose Genzman took first place in a citywide design competition.

The competition was part of the fifth annual disABLED Divaz Fashion Show.

The Aurora Foundation, a local non-profit organization that advocates for disabled women, sponsored the competition.

Genzman designed dresses for two disabled girls who wanted  special dresses to wear on their prom night.

It started when a friend called her and asked if she wanted to design the dresses.

She agreed.

This was the first time she designed a dress for a disabled person, and she loved the process.

“It was a big challenge,” Genzman said.

“Each body is unique, and I have to create something that they wanted and that fits their bodies, and a nice thing is that they got to wear it.”

Genzman started in fashion design a couple of years ago.

She took a class and loved it, and decided that she wanted to do that for her major.

“For women with disabilities, in particular, physical disabilities, having a chance to wear fashionable clothing like their nondisabled counterparts is vital for self-esteem and having a positive outlook,” fashion design instructor Nancy Spaulding said.

Genzman plans to finish her major at Pima while she helps her instructor and teaches the new students the techniques she uses to be a better designer.

She enjoys designing and making patterns.

They also have books that they follow to make dresses and patterns.

“Everything is hard and the main thing that we have is patience,” Genzman said.

On top of patience, Genzman thinks a certain flair for fashion design is important to doing a good job.

“You really have to love what you’re doing,” Genzman said. “It’s like eating ice cream— you enjoy eating ice cream and it’s the same thing.”

After she gets her degree, she wants to have her own fashion business.

Genzman is currently working on a fashion show that is going to take place at West Campus on May 4.

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