Awards honor student artists


A feeling of excitement and anticipation greeted visitors entering the Louis Bernal Art Gallery on April 11.

The Annual Juried Student Art Exhibition would soon present awards to Pima Community College students whose work had been accepted for display in the West Campus gallery.

Many people circled the room, examining the student finalists’ artwork and preparing for the winners to be announced.

“I like it. It’s very creative, different and unique,” said jewelry winner Alexandra Queen as she examined fellow students’ work.

Finalist Adam Bucholz was very excited, despite not having won an award.

“I’ve been trying to get some stuff into an art gallery, to throw myself into the art community,” Bucholz said. “Even if people don’t buy it, I don’t care. I want people to see it.”

Shorty after 1 p.m., gallery director David Andres called the attendants to gather for the ceremony.

He introduced the jurors — Ben Johnson, Hannah Glasston and Ellen McMahon — and thanked event sponsors for their $2,600 worth of award gifts.

Awards went first to 14 students in “honors” categories, then to 14 students in “best of” categories. (See list of winners below.)

“I was pleased,” Larry Gotkin said after winning three categories, including best of show.  “It’s nice to be recognized for your work.”

The free exhibit will be on display through May 4.


2012 award winners

Annual Juried Student Art Exhibition

“Best of” categories:
Best of Show: Larry Gotkin – “Horned Hawk”
Best of 3D: Larry Gotkin – “Horned Hawk”
Best of 2D: Rebecca Flores – “Shelby and Blonde”
Best of Ceramics: Tasha Barthelemy – “Smokey Form”
Best of Drawing: Ivan Hill – “Personal Politics”
Best of Fibers: Deb Weinman – “Star Basket”
Best of Jewelry: Sharon Bertrand – “Blowing Petals”
Best of Metals: Larry Gotkin – “Birda Kukri”
Best of Mixed Media: Peter Van Peenen – “Ad Horse”
Best of Painting: Cott Marios – “Pabst Rabbit”
Best of Digital Photography: Leftrick Herd – “Gotcha”
Best of Photography: Larry Gaurano – “Ice Melt”
Best of Printmaking: Marika Szabo – “Corporate Creed”
Best of Sculpture: Gene Bunger – “Arachnotes”

“Honors” categories:
Honors Drawing: Molly Bryson – “Murder Mystery”
Honors Fibers: Ann Peterson – “Plaid Pack”
Honors Fibers: Susan Woodbury – “Bonnie Brae”
Honors Jewelry: Alexandra Queen – “Bermuda Triangle Halter”
Honors Metals: Derek Lookingbill – “Campfire Tri-pod”
Honors Mixed Media: Marika Szabo – “Magic Squares”
Honors Painting: Diane Dale – “Aunty Mame”
Honors Photography: Martin Gutierrez – “Dad Zoll, Joe Zoll, Ryan Zoll”
Honors Photography: Jo Kubran – “Wigwam Motel”
Honors Photography and Century Award: Kiki Nelson – “The Secret Garden”
Honors Photography: Doug Rautenkranz – “After the Rain: Ambiguous”
Honors Printmaking: Penny Batelli – “Whirl”
Honors Sculpture: Elizabeth Ledezma – “Day Dream”
Honors Sculpture: Ann Peterson – “Grin”

Best of Show winner Larry Gotkin shows his "Horned Hawk" art. Photo by Meggie Costello-Kessler.
Division dean Robert Simpson, left, and curator David Andres announce awards at the Annual Juried Student Art Exhibition. Photo courtesy of Lee Whitney.

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