“The Vow” doesn’t fall far from the tree


“The Vow,” starring Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum, is a romantic comedy for people who enjoy being miserable. The plot is generic, depressing and predictable. In other words, it’s everything a romance movie should be.

The action begins right away in the opening scene when a married couple gets into a devastating car accident. After spending some time in a coma, the wife wakes up only to realize that she has no recollection of her husband or their life together.

The majority of the movie after that focuses on the pain caused by her lack of memory and his attempts to get her to fall back in love with him.

The storyline is reminiscent of “A Walk to Remember” and every other Nicholas Sparks novel-turned-movie. Unlike those movies, however, Tatum and McAdams are both sufficiently good at crying on cue (which is good, because there is a lot of crying).

Overall, “The Vow” was good, but doesn’t have much to set it apart from all the other romance movies out there. The leads are attractive, the dialogue is cheesy and the storyline is played out. No matter how many times they rehash the classic love story, though, there will still be plenty of people who want to go see it.

Bottom line: This movie is worth seeing but will rely heavily on opening up on Valentine’s Day to make money. Women everywhere will love it and men everywhere will be dragged to it and like it while pretending they hate it.

Grade: C+

“The Vow” opens in theaters Feb. 10.

Trailer:  http://youtu.be/7JoXHO3ceUY

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