From the Editors: We prefer keeping busy

 The semester is now in full swing. We’ve turned in assignments and blown off assigned reading. At least one class has been brutally administered a test they didn’t expect – because they didn’t read the syllabus.

 For the Aztec Press, the semester has been under way since a week before classes began.

It’s one of the things that must happen in order to produce these 16 lovely pages of newsprint that smudge your hands with ink every other Thursday (and occasionally on Wednesdays – like Issue 3, which hits newsstands on Feb. 22 because of the rodeo holiday).


For David in particular, the semester has been swinging hard, directly into his face.

He’s already spent an inordinate amount of time either working late at his real job or at his internship. One pays him money and one rewards him with experience. He also spends lots of time writing and editing for the Aztec Press, an academic class for which he pays tuition.


He’ll take sympathy cards at the Aztec Press newsroom address, located at the bottom-right side of Page 2.

 It’s a busy life for those of us here at the Press, but we think it’s helpful overall.

Given a week to work on one project and nothing else, Chelo will invariably spend all of her free time reading and watching Hulu, without starting the project until the day before it’s due.


But with class assignments, newspaper deadlines and volunteer work in the mix, she must schedule and set priorities.


 So if you’re suffering from over-active procrastinators syndrome, remember everyone has deadlines. Just learn quickly how to handle the stress.

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