ALBUM REVIEW: The Roots – “Undun”


The Roots – “Undun”

Released By Def Jam Records, Jan 24

Jimmy Fallon’s late-night band, The Roots, has returned with “Undun,” their 10th full-length album. It’s a storyteller with potential for greatness.

The core sound of the group is still mind-numbing instrumentals making way for the usual soul-infused melodies we love.

“Undun” is a story told backwards. Redford Stephens, the main character, is an everyday hustler from the streets. His work and his lifestyle reflect the world in which he lives, a world that never changes.

?uestlove’s beats are as insane as ever, adding the necessary funk of a usual Roots album. However, the story does seem a little one-dimensional. The everyday tale of money-lured gangsters and seafood dinners seems to be the recurring theme.

The potential for this record was extraordinary. The boys from Philly settled for mediocrity as far as story goes. Can’t say the same for the music. Give it a shot.

iTunes allows users to sample the complete album at its website:

Grade: C+


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