From the Editors: Meet the new nerds in charge



The new semester has brought a new start at Aztec Press – namely, us: the new Co-Editors in Chief, Chelo Grubb and David Mendez.

Grubb, the former assistant news editor, brings with her a passion for hard-hitting, informative news. Mendez, the last arts & entertainment head, possesses a love for well-written, captivating stories.

Combined, we plan on bringing our readers the best damn paper we can produce, with a sharpened focus on quality, accuracy and information that can make your day easier, if not a bit more fun.

In an effort to start off our new editorship in a collaborative way and utterly rehashed way, we’ve decided to introduce each other.

Meet David

David Mendez is 24, sarcastic and dedicated. He has spent six semesters on the Aztec Press staff.

Throughout those six semesters, Mendez has watched over the arts and entertainment section, aided with copy editing and assisted in a biweekly Wednesday morning scramble to get the paper cleaned up and ready for the printer.

You’ll probably recognize his name from the “Cracking Wise” column, in which he discusses things like parades held in his honor.

Many of Mendez’s sentiments are littered with pop culture references that those of us under 20. Or maybe it’s just me.

This semester is going to be packed for Mendez. On top his class, work and editor duties, he has taken on a internship for the Tucson Weekly. Keep an eye out for his byline on their website.

Lets recap with a condensed biography: David has dedicated a lot of time to the paper. He’s a compelling yet amusing writer, and he’s a little bit silly. Mostly, he just likes to high-five.

Meet Chelo

Chelo is short, young and often has no idea what I’m talking about when I reference something that isn’t on Hulu. She’s also smart and a hell of a writer. Because she’s so young, she’s only going to get better as a reporter and editor. Considering how skilled she is at this point, that’s saying something.

This is her third semester with the Aztec Press.

During her tenure, she’s made hard-hitting news her focus.

No joke, she’s done maybe two non-news features in her three semesters here. By contrast, I can only remember one hard news story that I’ve done in twice the time.

In other words, she knows what she likes to do and she’s determined to do it as well as se possibly can.

And if you can do it with spare time to read a book or nine, so much the better.



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