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Everyone talks about feasting over the holidays. First comes Thanksgiving, with turkey and all the trimmings. Then come the December holidays, with more calorie indulgences.

In January, we make New Year resolutions to lose the weight we have gained.

But wait a minute… we have one more gluttonous holiday: Super Bowl Sunday.

Just 35 percent of Americans watched the Super Bowl last year, but it’s a holiday nonetheless. It may not be recognized officially, but retailers market the big game to consumers.

You’ll find TVs at great prices with special financing, and Super Bowl displays at every grocery store. Food channels suggest snacks to serve during the game. Radio stations host contests and other special events.

And in truth, not everyone who watches is even a football fan. Some friends gather at Super Bowl parties to watch the crazy commercials and to pig out. Sometimes, the game seems secondary.

So why not make your Super Bowl party as accommodating as it can be for your guests, whether they like football or not?

I do this each year by setting up food bars with plenty of variety.

Try a burrito bar, nacho bar or baked potato bar. Provide the primary ingredients, say tortillas and meat. Then ask your guests to bring two or three of their favorite toppings – enough to serve eight.

This makes it easy on you for two reasons: you share the costs and please picky eaters. Some people like cheese, some don’t. Some are vegetarians, while some are carnivores.

Provide a couple of desserts and you’ll have a happy bunch of friends. Make it a bring-your-own alcohol party, and you’re set.

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