Delivery drivers deserve tips, too


 All too often, people tell me they don’t tip their delivery drivers. As far as they’re concerned, a delivery driver doesn’t do much to earn a tip. After all, how difficult is it to drive a couple of miles, walk up to a front door and ring a doorbell?

 I’ll be the first to admit that being a delivery driver isn’t the most difficult job in the world. However, there are tip lines on those receipts for a reason, people.

 Within the past few years, nearly every employer of delivery drivers has changed the way drivers get paid. We used to make minimum wage across the board, but now we make serving wage while on the road.

 In addition, we do not get gas money and we have to pay for our own insurance and maintenance. Anyone with a car can tell you how fast this adds up, especially when gas prices are at an all-time high.

When you think about it, the profession of delivery driving came about due to pure laziness. You’re too lazy to get off your butt and pick up that heart attack you just ordered, so I’ll get off of mine and deliver it to you. Show some appreciation!

Some argue that tipping employees who are simply doing their job shouldn’t be necessary. Perhaps it’s not as well known that tipped employees rarely make more than $5 an hour. In essence, our job is to do whatever it takes to make a tip.

Some people even claim ignorance of the expectation to tip. In an effort to avoid excessive capital letters and exclamation marks, I’ll pretend they’re legitimately unaware of this well-known social standard.

Besides, we’ve all been at businesses where the receipts inexplicably have tip lines, right? I refuse to tip someone for putting a scoop of ice cream into a cup for me.

But delivery drivers, just like servers, depend on tips to live. To deny them minimum wage just to save a few bucks is selfish and rude.

Reward those who reward you– especially if their name happens to be Megyn.

Fitzgerald has delivered pizza for more than six years, both in Arizona and Florida.

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