From the archives: Bithell has coached volleyball for a decade



Dan Bithell has been the head coach of the Aztec Women’s Volleyball team since 2000 when he took over for Heather Moore. Bithell was the assistant coach for the team for six years prior.

 The season before Bithell replaced Moore as the head coach of the Lady Aztecs, they’re record was 1-17 in conference play.

 This season the Aztecs are 0-17 in conference play with three more matches to be played. The team has won three matches this season, but they all came against non-member schools.

 Coach Bithell had stated in a 2000 issue of the Aztec Press saying that the team at the time just didn’t have the proper chemistry. He also said “This is the most difficult conference in the nation,”in the same issue.

 Bithell has lead the Aztecs to three ACCAC Regional Playoffs and led them to their best record (16-15 overall and 11-14 in conference play) in 2006. He has also produced five all-conference and all-region selections.

He also has one NJCAA All-American and nine NJCAA Academic All-Americans, plus he has coached three that have been recognized as a fall All-Academic team.

 Bithell was hoping for more community support back in 2000. He does feel that they have received more support from the community since then, but feels there could be more.

He would like to see some more media coverage for all the teams at Pima since it’s one of two colleges in Tucson.

“We have some terrific nationally recognized teams and it would be great to see them playing in front of packed crowds,” Bithell said


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