TOP 10: Best board and card games


As nerds, my friends and I often play board and card games when we get together. They can be great fun, especially if you get caught up in the fantasy of the game.

Here are 10 of my favorite board or card games, with a brief description and a retail price. You can find lower prices if you look around.

1. Robo Rally– Players take the role of robots with a task of reaching flags. You can become a robo junk heap if other players or obstacles knock you off the board or destroy you. 2-8 players, $54.99.

2. Survive: Escape From Atlantis– Players control tribes desperately trying to flee the sinking city of Atlantis. Sea monsters, whales and sharks allow you or your friends to hinder each other’s advancement to one of four safe islands. 2-4 players, $49.99.

3. Scattergories– Off the top of your head, can you name a sport, an ice cream flavor and              something in a pet shop that all begin with the letter B? The trick is to take on 12 categories in                                            three minutes or less and not match anyone else’s answers. 2-6 players, $39.99.

4. Family Business– In this card game, you control one of many mob families. Your objective is to put all rival families on the execution wall, leaving yours as the last mobsters standing. 2-6 players, $14.99.

5. Formula D– Get behind the wheel of a race car and try to beat your friends. Go around the track as fast as you can but don’t push it too hard or you just blow your engine. 2-10 players,    $59.99.

6. Zombies!!!– Be the first to make it past a zombie hoard to a heliport. Stop a friend’s advancement by putting zombies in the way or taking away bullets. There are numerous expansions available. 2-6 players, $27.99.

7. Management Material– In this card game of cubicle denizens, the only way to win is to remain a corporate peon. Use lame excuses to pass impossible projects to other players and avoid being promoted to management. 2-5 players, $14.99.

8. Pit– Shout a deal and trade your cards to corner the market. Be the first to get all cards for one commodity, ring the bell and win the hand. 3-8 players, $13.99.

9. Power Grid– Work to supply the most cities with power. Compete by buying power plants and resources. Deal with struggles to upgrade while keeping enough wealth to expand. 2-6 players, $44.99.

10. Apples to Apples– It’s as easy as “comparing apples to apples.” Just open the box and deal the cards. Select the card from your hand that best describes a card played by the judge. If the judge picks your card, you win that round. Everyone gets a chance to be the judge. 4-10 players, $27.99.

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