Stop the whining, already


If you Google “whining” in sports, you will find a plethora of stories about players whining about bad calls and/or losing. Enough is enough, already!

I hold this opinion not just for professionals but for all levels and age groups.

After watching a Pima Community College men’s soccer game, this question kept nagging in the back of my mind: What good is whining in sports?

The opposing team, Phoenix College, continued complaining the entire game. It was so bad that the referee finally told them to stop. I have never experienced this level of bellyaching before.

Their complaints weren’t changing anything with the referees, and Pima seemed to feed off of it.

I just don’t get the point of it.

Does whining about what should have been, or at least what you think should have been, make any difference?

I think it does more harm than good. First of all, you look like a whiny brat and not a professional sports player. If I was a fan of yours before you started whining, I can guarantee that I won’t be a fan after.

If I was the referee in your sport, I would be pissed. Who’s job is it to make the calls… yours or mine? There is a reason why you’re playing the game and I’m calling it.

Rarely have I seen a referee change a call based on a player’s complaint.

What good comes from all of that? If you have the answer, please fill me in.

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