Faceoff: Who makes the best mac ‘n’ cheese?





Kraft is where it’s at. Kraft macaroni and cheese was a staple in my childhood and in the childhoods of many of us growing up in the ‘80s and ‘90s.

Who doesn’t love those classic Mario Brothers, Rugrats, Scooby Do, Flintstone and Spongebob Squarepants pasta shapes?

If you crave mac and cheese, you go with the original, the blue rectangular box of excellence — Kraft. It’s “the cheesiest” and the mac daddy of all mac and cheese brands.

Now let me get to Velveeta Shells. What are Velveeta Shells, many may ask? Exactly. They’re unknown and unimportant.

It’s worth mentioning that Velveeta is not real cheese. It is a “pasteurized prepared cheese product.”

Kraft Mac and Cheese also offers a variety of options, such as the “Deluxe” style. If powdered cheese isn’t to your liking, the deluxe version provides an elegant pouch of liquid cheese.

Kraft also makes Velveeta, but does not incorporate the Kraft name into its Velveeta marketing. That’s another red flag. If a company is proud of its product, why not brand it? Kraft mac and cheese is the “A” lister and Velveeta is the something else.

If you want macaroni and cheese, why would you buy shells and cheese? I have no idea.

If you’re curious, try Velveeta. However, it can’t begin to compare to the one and only — Kraft macaroni and cheese.



Macaroni and cheese is like a day off work — even when it’s bad, it’s still good. That being said, not all macaroni and cheese is created equal.

Velveeta brand is the crème of the crop. When you open a box of Velveeta, you are greeted by a shiny pouch of gooey cheese sauce and uncooked shells.

Opening a box of Kraft is disappointing — similar to opening a giant gift Christmas morning, only to find that your parents stuck in an eight-pack of underwear to keep you guessing.

You’re greeted by dehydrated cheese powder and uncooked elbow noodles.

Since when is powdered cheese appetizing? I can’t think of many appealing foods that come in powder form. Dehydrated milk? Baby formula? No thank you.

In addition, Velveeta macaroni and cheese takes one of the simplest dinners in existence and does something glorious with it – makes it even simpler!

Kraft macaroni and cheese may have been a childhood staple for many of us, but that doesn’t mean we must continue to carry it with us into adulthood. Diapers were a childhood staple too, but I left them in the ‘90s where they belong.

There comes a day when we all must grow up. Grab your big girl panties and begin the transition from the sub-par macaroni and cheese of your childhood to the new, improved macaroni and cheese of your adulthood — Velveeta.

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