FACEOFF: Boxing vs. mixed martial arts

Joel and Mylo faceoff.



Boxing is a greater sport than mixed martial arts and boxers are the best athletes in the world.

Boxing demands incredible stamina. Training in preparation for a fight leaves the athlete in peak physical shape.

Great boxers must also be mentally prepared, knowing what their opponents will do before it happens while finding a way to penetrate their defense.

MMA is an intense sport that is also filled with well-conditioned athletes, but the length of a MMA match is much shorter than in boxing. MMA fights last five 5-minute rounds. Boxing matches use 3-minute rounds, but 12 rounds are scheduled.

Boxers must use larger boxing gloves than MMA fighters, making it harder to knock out opponents. Their reflexes and hand-eye coordination are second to no other sport.

The sport of boxing will always be king in the hearts of Americans. Boxing stars are much more recognized than a MMA star.

Former boxers such as Mike Tyson, Sugar Ray Leonard, George Foreman and Muhammad Ali have all become American celebrities long after their fighting careers ended.

The only obstacle the sport of boxing faces is a lack of superstars. America’s best athletes are playing football, baseball and basketball, not boxing.

The country is waiting for the next big star to overwhelm the sport, and then boxing will be the No. 1 fighting sport in America.



Boxing may carry a tradition, but Mixed Martial Arts gives people what they want… action!

It is not as slow paced as its counterpart. MMA fighters tend to not dance around the ring as much, trying to feel out their opponent.

Once the bell rings in an MMA fight, the fighters collide.

MMA is a sport of athletes who are trained, all-around fighters. Boxers work on punching, dodging and endurance. An MMA fighter trains in those aspects as well as worrying about knees, elbows, kicks and being submitted.

It would minimize your training and be easier to concentrate on your punching targets if you didn’t have to worry about being choked out.

The president of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, Dana White, seems to have great control of what goes on inside his ring.

If his fighters do something they shouldn’t, he fines or suspends them. He also rewards fighters for doing the right thing.

In addition, White has a medical suspension list that won’t allow injured fighters to compete for an extended period of time.

Boxing may have cleaned up a bit, but it did have one name that tainted its image: Don King.

I grew up watching the “Rocky” movies, and boxing couldn’t live up to that image. MMA gave me what I wanted: two guys in a ring destroying each other.

Joel and Mylo faceoff.
Joel and Mylo faceoff.

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