‘Batman: Arkham City’ proves bigger just as good


“Batman: Arkham Asylum” is considered by many to be the greatest superhero game of all time. Its sequel, “Arkham City,” holds the throne for that title, but does nothing else.

That said, Batman AC is still an immense experience that no bat-fan or gamer should miss out on. Just don’t go in expecting all avant-garde material.

Batman AC takes places a few years after Batman AA. Even with the asylum gone, there is still a place dedicated to the loonies.

That place is called Arkham City, a cut-off portion from Gotham that acts almost as an island for prisoners.

The warden, Hugo Strange, plans to unleash a plan called “Protocol 10” that one way or another will affect all inmates in Arkham City. The caped crusader intends to stop that from happening.

You might be saying that saving a bunch of convicts is not the dark knight’s style.

The truth is that many of the people trapped in Arkham City are political prisoners who simply spoke against Strange and harmed no one. For Batman, innocent victims are more than enough to get his emo blood boiling.

The gameplay remains mostly untouched, which is not a bad thing, but at the same time shows lack of innovation.

When going from mission to mission, I felt slightly fatigued by the formula.

Batman flies to objective, bad guys surround entrance, beat up baddies to gain entrance, solve Zelda-like puzzle, use stealth to take out armed enemies, learn info, sprinkle in a boss fight or two, then repeat with a Catwoman cherry on top.

Speaking of the feline, I did not find playing as her enjoyable at all. For someone who is supposed to be limber, she moved more sluggishly than Batman himself, and provided little to no point in the overall plot.

It’s insulting that they are charging people who buy the game used ten bucks to play as her. To be honest, I wouldn’t have minded not downloading it.

Amazing aesthetics are the saving grace for this overly blown blockbuster. The aesthetics are some of the best seen all year.

The attention to geeky detail is staggering. From flying over the chemical compound seen in Tim Burton’s “Batman” to Mark Hamill making a “Star Wars” reference as the joker, it’s all very surreal and fun to find.

Even though this review sounds bitter, it’s really just me showing tough love.

Olaying through Batman AC was like reuniting with an old friend. While the reunion brings great joy to the heart, nothing on the surface implies change.

Grade: B+

Photo illustration by Miki Jennings

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