Public displays of affection seem rampant


Love is in the air at Pima Community College. Public displays of affection have crept into the classroom, and it’s really quite annoying.

Not once have I associated my love life with academics, though some previous girlfriends made me want to go to class. It was nice being away from them.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to have a buddy who helps with the class workload. I hate not knowing anyone on “pick a partner” day. But what’s with all these couples being affectionate in class?

My semester kicked off with humanities: an hour-long lecture where we gather our desks in a circle and discuss topics in an open forum.

Just as the lesson began, two young kids hurried through the door and located a couple of desks next to one another. They moved their desks closer and took out their notes.

Normally, I would disregard their presence and go back to my literature. However, this couple was unlike any other. She carried his books for him, and thought for him as well. Quite a one-sided relationship.

Halfway through the lecture, the young man grabbed his girlfriend’s hand and held tightly for the remainder of class. I had never seen anything like it. Until my next class.

Couple number two interrupted History of Indians of North America. Of all the tables to choose from, mine seemed most appealing.

Luckily, it was movie day. The two moved closer and held each other as we learned of the first Thanksgiving. When they began locking lips mid-film, I could no longer focus on Squanto.

Who said it was cool to take classes with your significant other? I didn’t get the memo.

Unlike the University of Arizona, Pima students seem compelled to love and learn simultaneously. The thought of driving to class together, attending class together and spending breaks with one another just seems stupid.

It’s also a distraction to students who really want to learn.

Let me guess. You get along really well and truly love each other? Nobody enjoys the company of their lover that much. Can’t we think of more appealing places and times for encounters?

Public displays of affection reek of immaturity. I feel that eerie high-school rebellion vibe when I walk around a PCC campus and spot lovers.

Are you couples going to hold each other’s hand at graduation, or perhaps your first job interview?

I can just imagine that meeting. “Hello, my name is Kyle. I graduated with honors, I have journalism experience and I’m a hard worker, with the help of my girlfriend, of course. How rude of me, allow me to introduce you to her.”

I’m not bashing love. It’s natural to want to spend time with your special someone, but classrooms are not the arena to do so.

Wasson enjoys his studio apartment with fellow editor and bunkmate David Mendez.

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