PCC trims administrator salaries

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In the last year, Pima Community College has focused on capping salaries for top administrative personnel.

The average earnings of the chancellor, provost and all campus presidents—PCC’s highest tier of administrators—stagger at $181,685 combined.

This number is roughly $86,000 more than the highest paid instructional faculty member at PCC.

According to the Arizona Daily Star, 38 of PCC administrators’ salaries, which were greater than $100,000, cost Pima $5 million.

These costs have decreased 8.7 percent from the previous year.

“Times are tough all over,” said PCC Chancellor Roy Flores.

If tough means a fiscally unreliable state, depressing local property values, and an ever-increasing student enrollment, then yes, times are tough at PCC.

Flores estimates nearly 23 percent of administrative jobs were eliminated over the past few years.

“Everyone’s doing a lot more these days. We aren’t firing anybody—simply eliminating vacant job positions and positions like administrative assistants.”

Savings are not solely attributed to less spending.

Suzanne Miles has combined her academic services as provost with those of Community Campus president—ultimately performing two jobs and reimbursed for just one.

Since the indoctrination of lower-cost leaders began, administrators like the West Campus vice president and Northwest Campus president now earn roughly 7 percent less than each of their predecessors.

As long as local property values drop and state funding is pinched, Flores confirms there will be tougher times at Pima.

PCC’s budget dropped nearly $5.2 million from local property taxes in the last year, at a staggering 5.3 percent.

Although spending for administrative salaries has been capped, Flores did not shrug away from the idea of raises once again at Pima.

“Raises are very important,” Flores said.

“Our staff works hard for the college to provide the best possible service. These people need to be awarded appropriately.”

The range of salaries for ‘instructional faculty’ members at PCC is approximately $37-$95 thousand.

PCC campus presidents and provost average $165,214. Chancellor Flores earns a whopping $282,965.

For a complete database on all PCC faculty and staff salaries visit www.azstarnet.com/online/databases.


Top 10 PCC Salaries

 Roy Flores, chancellor, $282,965

David Bea, executive vice chancellor for finance and administration, $179,226

Suzanne Miles, provost, executive vice chancellor for academic and student services, and Community Campus president $179,226

Charlotte Fugett, East Campus president, $179,148

Lou Albert, West Campus president, $162,935

Johnson Bia, Desert Vista Campus president, $159,116

Alojzy Kajstura, Northwest Campus president, $159,116

Janet May, vice chancellor, $155,387

Luba Chliwniak, Downtown Campus president, $151,745

Cynthia Dooling, vice chancellor, $148,188

CJ Karamargin, vice chancellor, $148,188

Mary Ann Martinez Sanchez, vice provost, $124,170

Brigid Murphy, Downtown Campus vice president, $124,170

Source: Pima Community College

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