Campus police beats

Student cited after classroom dispute

Pima Community College police responded to a disturbance call at West Campus on March 12 after a dispute about an unassigned seat in a computer classroom.

The investigating officer arrived just after 9 a.m. and found a student standing outside the C building. The student was crying and visibly shaking, but said she was not injured.

The student told the officer she arrived at class about 15 minutes early, and logged onto a computer station desk. There were five students and more than 20 computer stations in the classroom.

The police report gave the following account:

A second student arrived, and used obscenities while demanding the first student get out of “her” seat. When the first student refused, saying there were no assigned seats, the second student brought a chair and sat extremely close.

The second student then unplugged the monitor from the computer, told the first student she would drag her out of her chair and tossed away the first student’s property, including a laptop.

During the police investigation, the second student called the first student “a snot nosed kid” who took her seat, and said the dispute was a matter of principle.

The officer charged the second student with disorderly conduct and threats/intimidation, and served her with a “notice of immediate suspension” letter. The student may not return to campus until she meets administrative requirements.

The student signed her citation, promised to appear in court and asked the officer how the charges might affect her employment as a high school teacher.

-By Edwina Francisco


Student interrupts car break-in

Two men fled after a student saw them breaking into his vehicle at West Campus on March 15.

The student told campus police he saw the men trying to steal his subwoofer and amplifier out of his 1999 Toyota 4Runner at about 4:30 p.m.

When the men saw the student, they dropped the stereo equipment on the ground and fled in a white Ford Escape with an Arizona plate partially reading “AW.”

The victim told police an iPod valued at $300 and a wallet containing his ID were taken from the center console. The vehicle’s dash was pulled out, and the driver’s door lock and hatchback lock were punched in. Damages were estimated at $400.

-By Mylo Erickson


Men’s locker room damaged

A college employee contacted campus police March 21 to report criminal damage to the men’s basketball locker room at West Campus gymnasium.

Between October 2010 and March 2011, damages included a 2-foot-by-2-foot hole in the west wall, a broken light fixture and damaged trim. Estimated cost of the damage was $400. In addition, a TV/DVD/VHS player valued at $200 was stolen at the beginning of the season.

The employee said he had fixed miscellaneous minor damage in the past, and would put in a work order to repair the most recent damage. He told the investigating officer he does not want anyone to be in trouble, but felt it necessary to inform
campus police.

-By April George


Scratched car spurs ‘angry’ note

A student reported damage to his parked vehicle at East Campus on March 22.

The student reported the passenger side of his vehicle had a small dent, chipped paint and green transfer paint on the passenger door. He said a green vehicle was parked very closely to his car’s passenger side, and provided the license plate.

Later that day, the owner of the green vehicle called police about an “angry” note left on her windshield. She said the note contained multiple curse words and accused her of damaging another car. The note did not contain any contact information.

The student said she did not open her door into another vehicle. The investigating officer did not see any transfer paint on her driver’s side door, though it was scratched and dinged in numerous places.

The officer said there were no eyewitnesses or evidence to support criminal charges, and advised both students to contact their insurance companies.

-By Chelo Grubb


Student reports cell phone theft

A student at East Campus reported the theft of her $100 Cosmos LG cell phone on March 22.

The student told campus police she used her cell phone at about 11:40 a.m., then entered the bookstore and waited for service at the sell-back counter. When she left the bookstore, she noticed her cellphone was no longer attached to her purse.

She suspected a “pushy, impatient” man who stood behind her at the counter. She called her phone number and someone answered, but the student heard only breathing noises before the phone disconnected.

When campus police later located the man, he denied taking the phone. The investigating officer said the man consented to a search, but his backpack did not contain the phone.

The officer was unable to locate any additional suspects or witness information.

-By Amber Bender

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