Spring Break message: Stay safe



Spring Break safety is serious business for West Campus Student Life.

Members of Student Life hosted tables in two locations on campus March 9. Each table had free Eegee’s drinks, condoms and tampons.

Vanessa Hernandez helped make Eegees in the cafeteria area.

“By giving them food, we’re basically bribing them to hear the information,” Hernandez said.

The information distributed included brochures from organization such as SAFE and COPE about drugs, drinking and HIV.

West Campus Student Government President, Sugey Lopez helped organize the event, which involved help from numerous clubs.

“We have these condoms and brochures just to remind everyone it’s OK to have fun,” Lopez said. “But be safe.”

As a bonus, Student Life had an X-Box 360 Kinect playing “Dance Central” hooked up in the Student Life office.

“We know everyone is stressed out right now, and we want to give them a break,” Lopez said. “We also want to let them know where Student Life is.”

The Kinect certainly brought the attention Lopez wanted.

“I was just hanging out with my friends,” computer science major Grail Reilly said after he finished showing his moves. “Then I saw the sign and thought, ‘oh no they didn’t.’”

Lopez said student government can hook the Kinect up whenever someone asks in the future.

Liberal Arts major Rachel Whitford handed out Eegees and all the other free paraphernalia while fending off bees at a second location in the courtyard east of the Santa Catalina building.

“We just want people to be safe, and go through Spring Break with their helmets on,” Whitford said gesturing to the condoms on the table.

Students started lining up as soon as the Styrofoam Eegees’ cases opened.  

Liberal Arts major Santino Castaneda was one such student.

“It’s only smart,” Castaneda said. “You’re young, but you don’t want to do something that’s going to harm you. Have fun, but be safe, that’s what any smart college student would do.”

Casaneda said he would put the items he received to good use over the break.

Students serve free Eegee drinks at West Campus March 9. Aztec Press photo by Conrad Pursley.

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