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People love to express themselves. The ability to create and share is one of the joys of being human.

Lisa Roden, a third-year photography student at Pima Community College, is one of those people. She used her iPhone to create a 44×36 inch print titled “Summer Lovin’” that is currently on exhibit in the West Campus visual arts student gallery.

Roden became interested in photography as a junior in high school. She started with a single-lens-reflex camera using black and white film, and switched to digital format three years ago.

“I was interested in capturing reality instead of imitating reality,” she said.

Roden has worked in PCC’s photography department lab for three years and has also completed an internship at Photographic Works in Tucson.

She received an iPhone for her birthday last year and has discovered the new iPhoneography venue to showcase her talent.

“The best camera is the one you have with you,” Roden said. “And I always have my iPhone with me.”

Photographers interested in iPhoneography can purchase 2,920 photography apps at the iTunes app store.

“The iPhone is the ultimate toy camera,” Roden said. “It’s like instant gratification. There are so many apps that you can buy for 99 cents and download right now. It’s the all-in-one gadget.”

An iPhone photo blog ( receives 30,000 visits a month and more than 1,200 posts, with periodic showcases of talented iPhone photographers.

Even the New York Times has provided reporters with iPhone 4s because of the increased quality of photos and video possible.

Numerous websites allow photographers to exhibit their skill and photo passion. “I am always entering contests,” Roden said.

She has sold her images in silent auctions through venues such as Kore Press and Sky Island Alliance. She listens to comments and watches reactions during the bidding.

“My subject matter is mostly whimsy or rights, like animal rights,” Roden said. “It keeps me balanced. I do whimsy to escape and photograph animals when I want to make a point or stand for something.”

Roden volunteers for non-profit activities and anything to do with animals, and recently supplied all of the photos for a Tucson Wildlife Center calendar.

She also donates images to the Bohemia Artist Emporium, which sells only local artists’ work. Proceeds from the last silent auction benefitted victims of Tucson’s Jan. 8 mass shooting.

Powhaus Production parties provide another outlet for Roden’s iPhone talents. She entered her works in their most recent production, a “Foto Au Go-Go” combination photography exhibit, ‘60s dance party and scooter show at the Rialto Theatre on March 5.

PCC’s current student gallery exhibit will be on display through March 18. The free gallery is located on the second floor of the West Campus Santa Rita building, near the administration offices.

Lisa Roden stands near the large-format print she created using her iPhone. The student gallery exhibit at West Campus ends March 18. Leftrick Herd, Aztec Press.

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