New Candidate to run against Raul Grijalva


Gabriela Saucedo Mercer announced her candidacy on March 2 to seek a seat in the House of Representatives against incumbent D-Tucson Raul Grijalva in Tucson’s 7th Congressional District.

Mercer is running on the Republican ballot and is planning on challenging the incumbent Grijalva who has served as the representative for Tucson’s 7th Congressional District since 2003.

Mercer says she’s running because she feels she can better serve the people in the 7th Congressional District. “I am running for office because I know in my heart that I can represent the people in CD 7 better than we have been represented over the last 8 years by the incumbent,” she said at her announcement ceremony.

Mercer was born in Mexico but migrated to the U.S. legally in 1986. She became a U.S. citizen in 1991.  “I consider myself a conservative and believe it or not I brought those values from Mexico,” she said.

In her speech she talked tough against Grijalva’s policies. Her agenda includes a need for general reform, strengthening the economy, and keeping health care out of the hands of the government.

“This is not the country I emigrated to 24 years ago. It makes me angry… I am not going to take it anymore and neither should you,” she announced at her ceremony.

Mercer acknowledges her lack of political experience.  She said that her family has always been concerned with politics, but she didn’t become an activist until two years ago when she joined the Tea Party.

Aztec Press attempted to make contact with Rep. Grijalva for a response to Mercer’s campaign and did not receive comment

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