Review: ‘Just Go With It’ delivers laughs


When it comes to comedy movies, Adam Sandler does them better than most.

From a crazy golfer aspiring to be a hockey player, to a wedding singer resembling Prince, Sandler knows how to give the audience a few knee-slappers.

In his new comedy “Just Go With It,” that is exactly the response the film gets.

The movie starts with Sandler’s character, Danny, about to get married. The ceremony doesn’t happen when he hears his soon-to-be wife bad mouthing him.

He ends up at a bar, drinking his sorrows away, until a lovely woman walks in. After Danny goes home with her, it hits him: he can use his wedding band and a false marriage to hook up with women.

Danny falls into the bed of every woman in his crosshairs, until he meets Palmer (Brooklyn Decker) and believes that she could be the one.

When Palmer finds his wedding ring, Danny asks his assistant, Katherine, (Jennifer Aniston) to play along with the white lie that he has a wife and two children.

“Just Go With It” builds one lie after another to create entertainment. It’s not one of Sandler’s best films, but it still delivers comedy.

Grade: B-

Just Go With It
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