FACE-OFF: Stifle rumors quickly



Relationships often bring out the worst in some people. Instead of being happy for your newfound love, they nitpick at your bond like there’s no tomorrow.

One of the most popular ways for outsiders to try to diminish your relationship is by planting ideas in your head.

Your friends might tell you how ugly and stupid your girlfriend is. Whether or not those accusations are correct, it is none of their business.

The reason for such atrocious remarks might be because they’re jealous. They’re probably jealous of the fact that out of the group, you were the chosen one and jealous your girlfriend might actually be extremely attractive.

My favorite is that they’re jealous because they think she’s taking “too much” of your time. They might start saying that you’re not staying true to the “bros before ho’s” rule. Well guys, I’ve got news for you.

The “bros before ho’s” rule doesn’t apply to every relationship. As much as I hate to say it, it should only apply to girls that you’re willing to “hit it and quit it.” If you really want a serious relationship, then more respect should be put into one.

Speaking of one-night stands, rumors might arise that your girlfriend has been a participant in a couple. Whether it’s a fact or myth, the past is the past. It has made her the person you fell in love with and nothing should change that.

Knowing the number of previous sexual partners your girlfriend has can be helpful. But also keep in mind that we live in a world of double standards. Whatever the number, it might change the light you see your princess in.

Getting tested together for any sexually transmitted disease should help ease both your minds.

Once you know you’re both disease-free, don’t dwell on said rumors. They will drive both parties insane and can eventually lead to the demise of your beautiful relationship.

Maintaining excellent communication skills and trusting each other ‘til no end will also help you survive any rumors and hate from outsiders.


Photo illustration by Gabi Piña



It’s a new year, and you want to start 2011 on the right track with your Mr. Right. There’s just one problem.

Rumors seem to be spreading like wildfire about each of you. No matter how big or small a rumor is, it should be treated like cancer.

Once it’s spotted, treat a rumor before the disease begins to spread. To start, make sure that you know exactly what is being said about you or your Mr. Right.

Knowing what everyone’s gossiping about will give you a good starting point for making your argument.

Whatever is said from different parties that are not in the relationship should be considered irrelevant.

You may hear backstories of his past. He might hear that one time you danced on a bar without a top.

Whatever the case may be, those fables should not concern either of you. You weren’t in each others’ lives at the time.

If they happened during the relationship, get all the facts to make sure the stories add up.

Do not tread softly about the matter. Get to the bottom of the situation before the case is closed.

Remember, trust and honesty are being tilted on the scale of Lady Justice during these endeavors, so be sure that both are equally balanced.

When dealing with tales from the unknown, do not become obsessed with them. Whether some of the stories are true or not, don’t lose sleep over them.

Let the rumor be put to rest when it has been talked over. No guy enjoys being in double jeopardy for mistakes he has made in the past.

Allowing the rumors to take hold of the relationship will only make you feel insecure, and eventually all trust will be lost.

So be sure to gather all the information, get your case ready and beware of false pretenses. Court is now in session.

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