‘R-Dub’ attends classes by day, hosts slow jams radio at night


At the age of 13, Randall Rehak had his life planned. He was going to host his own slow jams show.

Today, Rehak not only hosts a nationally syndicated show but owns it and broadcasts from his home.

Rehak fell in love with R&B music after listening to slow jams growing up. He got his first opportunity in radio after he moved to Tucson with his family when he was 15.

He started by volunteering at the local public radio station, helping with night shows. That’s where he developed his radio personality “R-Dub,” a pseudonym he still uses on-air.

When he was a junior in high school, Rehak began hosting his own full-time slow jams shows at a local hip-hop station. Despite many radio station changes, Rehak managed to keep his “Sunday Nite Slow Jams” show alive.

During that period, Rehak took classes at Pima Community College on and off for 15 years.

Rehak has earned numerous radio awards, including his personal favorite, Gavin Top 70 Medium Market Music Director of the Year in 2001.

Once he achieved radio success, Rehak decided to follow a dream to move to Brazil and host his show there.

Brazil has always held a fascination for him. After dating a girl who spoke mostly Spanish, he learned to speak the language. That later influenced his decision to study Portuguese.

However, destiny had different plans. Just four days before his move, he was offered a dream job as program director at a Clear Channel station in Los Angeles, Hot 92.3.

In 2009, after fulfilling his two-year contract, Rehak was laid off. Clear Channel cut 9 percent of its employees on Inauguration Day.

“I was looking forward to the day when my contract ended in L.A.,” Rehak said. “I was ready to leave.”

Rehak moved to Brazil, taking his Fusion Radio Networks show with him. After four months in Recife, Brazil, he returned to Tucson to be closer to his family.

Once resettled in Tucson, Rehak met with a friend and former Pima instructor, Patricia Houston. She encouraged him to finish school.

After checking his Pima records, Rehak discovered he was only two semesters from graduating.

Rehak enrolled in a strenuous course load to complete his associate degree by May 2011. He is now studying journalism and Portuguese. Since he is his own boss, he can complete classes without the stress of fitting in a 9-to-5 job.

Through his radio jobs, Rehak has enjoyed many interesting experiences. He holds special memories of meeting singer-actress Jennifer Lopez.

The opportunity arose while he was working as program director for Tucson’s Hot 98.3. The radio station hosted a contest to have dinner with Lopez in California at her restaurant, and Rehak accompanied the winner.

Upon arrival, he saw more than 100 people in attendance and realized the dinner would not be as private and personal as he had hoped.

At the end of dinner, each guest got to take a picture with Lopez. Rehak, who was last in line and “a little sauced, since the wine was flowing,” came up with a plan. He would get Lopez to kiss him on the cheek.

“My mom said she was going to disown me and kick me out of the house if I don’t get a kiss from you on the cheek and a picture to prove it,” Rehak whispered in Lopez’s ear.

“I didn’t even live with my mom at the time, but I thought it would be cute to say that,” Rehak said. He laughed as he mimicked Lopez’s New York Bronx accent, “Oh! It’s for your mom, of course!”

Rehak showed off the photo at every opportunity, and even made it his Christmas card picture.

To listen to R-Dub, tune into Hot 98.3 Monday through Thursday from 11 p.m. to 1 a.m. and Sunday from 8 p.m. to midnight.

Radio personality Randall “R-Dub” Rehak enjoys a kiss from singer-actress Jennifer Lopez. Photo courtesy of Randall Rehak

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