FACE-OFF: It’s time to meet the parents



One of the least anticipated relationship obstacles is meeting the in-laws. Your first encounter can be nerve-racking but is definitely survivable.

Keep in mind that you’re dating their “little girl.” They might hold resentment toward you for that reason alone. No need to fret, lads. There are easy solutions.

It’s important to make a great first impression. Parents mainly look for respect in guys who date their daughters.

Showing respect earns you points from the family and from your girlfriend. She’ll appreciate the effort being put into pleasing her parents.

To avoid being interrogated or making a fool of yourself, try to control conversation topics.

Topics should interest her family. If you don’t know much about them, ask questions. Families like it when significant others show interest in their lives.

To avoid awkward tension the first time you meet, don’t inject much personal opinion into conversations. You’ll cause displeasure if you say something they don’t want to hear.

Reassure them that their daughter is in safe hands. Let them know how lucky you are to have your girlfriend in your life.

Do anything possible to help them respect you. Depending on their relationship with their daughter, they may have a huge influence on her decisions about you and your relationship.

Keep displays of affection to a minimum. Remember that little thing called respect? It comes into play here, too.

No matter how innocent it might be, you’re there to interact with her family. You’ve had plenty of time to get to know her lips. It’s now time you invest some of yourself into getting to know her family.

Displaying respect, being well mannered and showing interest doesn’t guarantee a shoo-in for being called “son” but it sure gets you a step closer.



Your relationship might seem in overdrive dealing with situations such as first fights, managing time and hitting the bedroom.

But, there is still one main fiery hoop that you must dive through: meeting the parents.

Meeting your significant other’s parents seems nerve-racking. Questions float around your head, such as: “How should I act around them?” or “Baby, are you sure they are going to like me?”

Calm down, young lady! Take a few deep breaths if needed. Meeting the parents shouldn’t be an ordeal. It should be a time where they meet the person their son is falling in love with.

The main component is to not psych yourself out. Don’t allow your negative thoughts to lower your self-esteem and affect the way you portray yourself.

Remember, he’s taking you to meet his family because he wants to show how wonderful you are. If you weren’t amazing, he wouldn’t bother.

Also, never try to play off as someone you are not. Parents can smell bull from a mile away. If you start being a different person, they will not enjoy your company.

Parents want to see the real person their son is spending all his time with. Engage in conversations with them, and show them that their son needs a woman like you.

If you encounter over-protective parents, mainly the mother, don’t be alarmed. There are ways to get in her good graces.

Do not be discouraged if his mother gives you the cold shoulder when you meet. Continue being warm toward her because it shows your loved one that you’re making an effort to keep the peace.

If you do that, you and she will soon be strolling the courtyard mall exchanging “girl talk,” or whatever it is girls do.

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