CRACKING WISE: Talk to us, Pima!


Overall, I’m pretty awesome.

I’m smart, funny, intelligent, reasonably handsome and, despite this current self-love session, typically humble about it all.

You all feel the same way about me, I’m sure.

Heck, I’m the reason most of you pick up this paper. (Other reasons: Award-winning journalism, students wishing to see their name in the paper, something to read in your psychology lecture.)

But despite my success in becoming a household name, Pima, something has been missing as of late.

At my current home base of West Campus, the slogan being bandied about by Student Government has been “Get Involved.”

The student body hasn’t necessarily taken that slogan to heart more this semester than in the past, but “Get Involved” is definitely reflected in the number of special events put forth by the student government.

There have been performances, movie screenings, free Eegee’s, other food and drink, even an HIV testing day. Generally, turn-out has been great. If nothing else, that means students are showing up.

As far as the Aztec Press is concerned, it’s clear that students are supporting us – even if it’s only within the realm of grabbing a paper and leaving it on the cafeteria table for someone else to spill their ketchup on.

Which brings me to a point. Folks, the newspaper isn’t just a grease catch anymore.

Times are changing, and our very own Aztec Press is making efforts to keep up. We’ve got Twitter accounts, Facebook pages and new plug-ins rolling out on the website ( every week.

(Speaking of shameless plugs – I mean plug-ins, have you seen our new weekly poll? Log on and tell us what you think, each and every week.

Each addition encourages new ways for us to communicate with you. But like I said, something’s still missing. Any guesses?

You’re right, guy wearing the black T-shirt with the snarky saying! We’re missing interaction, my fellow Pimans (which, according to a standard I just made up, is the official way to pluralize Pima students.)

You see, although I can hear your praise and applause from all around the Tucson area (it sounds remarkably similar to excited crickets,) I’m missing your insightful comments – your ideas, your comebacks, your insults.

The newspaper has always been a community’s conversation with itself. So, start talking to me and, by extension, to yourself. Don’t worry: No one will make fun of you as long as you don’t do it aloud in public.

Post comments on our online stories! E-mail us at!

You can even get to me directly at, where I’ll respond to any and all date requests, party invitations and threats against my person.

Help us help you, Pima. Help you help yourselves.

More importantly, help me be more awesome.

Listen to David talk about his goals.

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