AZTEC FICTION SERIES, PART 4: Adventures of a College Drama Queen: ‘Opening Night’


By a stroke of luck, Phoebe was still in the cast, though she was on what James called “actor probation.”

Her saving grace had been how close they were to opening. James didn’t think anyone else could learn the part in time, and she had no understudy. However, if she messed up again, she was out with no reprieve.

Tech rehearsals went by without much incident, beyond one inexplicably blown-out spotlight. Before the cast knew it, final dress rehearsal was upon them.

The dressing room was filled with cards and flowers from the various cast members’ families. Phoebe’s own space held a vase of white roses from her boyfriend, Michael. She felt bad, because she had more or less blown him off during the last month and he still treated her like a queen.

David sat behind her, finishing her hair while she did her makeup. His own face was expertly made up and he was already in his costume, while Phoebe still sat half-dressed in her jeans and bra.

“Everything will be fine, honey.” David smiled at her in the mirror. He was referring to the fact that Lucy had been barely tolerable since the incident. Phoebe had expressed concern, as Lucy refused to be onstage with her for any scene other than “Take Me or Leave Me.”

James had supposedly talked to her, but Lucy was still being a diva. Luckily, Lucy had an understudy, so Phoebe had had someone to practice with. She was worried, however, because Lucy had bluntly said that the understudy would not be going on for her when they opened.

Phoebe nodded, absently. David smiled again. “It’ll be fine. Lucy won’t let the show be ruined just because she’s mad at you.”

Phoebe returned his smile. She finished her makeup, then reached for her shirt. “I hope you’re right, David. If she ruins the show, I’m going to do a lot more than damage her nose. They’ll have to kick me out of school for what I’ll do to her.”

David sounded sympathetic. “I know, honey. But everything will work out. You’ll see.”

Phoebe finished getting dressed. “David, you’re an angel, you know that?”

“Duh. Why do you think I’m playing Angel?” He took her hand. “Come on, Pheebs. We’d better get onstage.”

Phoebe followed him. Tonight, Lucy would show her true colors. If they weren’t good, the show would be over and Phoebe’s dreams ruined.

See the next issue for Part 5, the conclusion.

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