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Album Review: Underoath- Ø (Disambiguation)

Album Review: Underoath- Ø (Disambiguation)


Ø (Disambiguation)


The Florida-based hard rock band has moved on after drummer and vocalist Aaron Gillespie abruptly left Underoath in April.

Gillespie was the last original member left in the band. Instead of calling it quits, Underoath replaced Gillespie and immediately entered the studio to write its fifth full album with Daniel Davidson as the replacement drummer. Ø (Disambiguation) was released Nov. 9

The new album is a mixed bag. It has its moments of heavy guitars and dark harmonies from lead singer Spencer Chamberlain. At points, the band shows some of that traditional Underoath sound. However the album packs a heavier punch, as the new sound is very reminiscent of bands like the Deftones and Norma Jean.

Without Gillespie, lead singer Chamberlain has been able to broaden his singing capabilities with a fitting blend of clean vocals as well.

Underoath has had to modify its style somewhat due to the absence of Gillespie’s creativity, but overall, the album is still very good and I  recommend all Underoath fans to purchase this one.

Dia de los Muertos downtown Tucson

On Nov. 7  thousands of people converged on downtown Tucson for Dia de los Muertos . Videotaped and edited by Samantha Esquivel.