The Word: What’s your favorite Halloween costume?

Interview and photos by Kyle Wasson

“A vampire! I painted my face with some fake blood and bought fangs. Easy costume but it’s pretty scary.” Abdi Dee Computer Engineering Desert Vista

“I usually just dress up like a cat of some sort. People are constantly telling me I look like a cat, so it’s easy for me to pull it off.” Maria Herrera Justice Administration Desert Vista

“My most memorable was when my buddy and I went out only wearing a diaper and a bib. All of the ladies loved it, so I guess it worked!” Javon Walker Culinary Arts Desert Vista

“I never dress up! I remember a guy last year emptied the inside of a mattress out and dressed up as a bed. It was pretty funny.” Monique Tellez Sonogram Technician Desert Vista

“I once dressed up as a luchador. I have watched wrestling my entire life and I idolize those guys, so it was an easy choice.” David Gonzalez-Prieto Physical Education Desert Vista

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